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What Size Boxing Gloves Should You Use?

I get several emails every day asking about what size boxing gloves to wear. If you’re like me, you’ll probably use one set of gloves for everything (hitting the bags, sparring). If you’re a competing boxer, you’ll have another set of gloves specifically for fighting. The size and type of boxing gloves you use will depend on your body weight and purpose.

All Purpose Boxing Training Gloves

Just about every boxer has a pair of gloves that they use for all training purposes. When you go buy boxing gloves, you will see many different kinds advertised. The only ones you really need are TRAINING GLOVES or SPARRING GLOVES. Basically, training gloves are can be used for all types of boxing training like hitting the bags and sparring. Below are general guidelines for body-weight and size of boxing training gloves recommended.

120lbs & down  (12oz or 14oz)

120lbs – 150lbs (14oz – 16oz)

150lbs – 180lbs (16oz – 20oz)

180lbs & up (18oz & up)

Sparring Gloves

Sparring gloves are basically extra-padded training gloves so that you’re not hurting your sparring opponent.  Regardless of size or weight, hardly anyone ever spars with anything less than 16oz unless you’re a really small person (under 120 pounds). Theoretically, you COULD spar with 14oz gloves but then it wouldn’t prepare you for a competition fight if you compete with 16oz boxing gloves. If you weigh more than 175lbs lean muscle, you should spar with gloves no less than 18oz or 20oz. Don’t forget to watch out and make sure your opponent is not using smaller gloves than you because you will get hit harder by the unfair advantage.

There is also another common belief that you should always spar with gloves at competition weight for your weight class. If your weight class competes in 10oz gloves, then you spar with that. Of course, you have to tone down the pace so you don’t destroy each other before the actual fight. Personally, I feel beginners should use more bigger gloves to be on the safe side and then work their way down towards competition weight if they can handle it.


Competition Boxing Gloves

These are boxing gloves you use for fighting during real competition boxing events. If you’re an amateur boxer, there is an exact size specifications that your weight class will use whether it be 12oz, 14oz, 16oz, etc. In amateur boxing, your gloves have to be approved for boxing competition (for example: in the USA, you have to wear USA Boxing approved gloves for amateur fighting). Your trainer will know the correct size and specifications required. In professional boxing matches, the gloves are usually smaller. Generally, your training/sparring gloves will be heavier and thicker than your fighting gloves.


What’s the Difference Between Size And Type

A bigger glove generally has more padding. Whenever you’re training, using a bigger glove offers your hands much better protection. If you’re beating on the heavy bag, you want the best protection possible so that you’re not damaging your hands over time. Training with a bigger glove will get you more accustomed to the weight and your hands will be faster when you use smaller size gloves during competition. Sparring gloves are usually the thickest and offer the most padding. Training gloves are a bit smaller but still very protective. Bag gloves are pretty crappy and not recommended (I rarely ever see them being used.) Amateur competition gloves have good padding while professional competition gloves have less padding so you can hurt your opponent more.

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